Wild Woods Guide release

Press Release

The all-American guide to the Great North Woods from Minnesota to Maine

Ever wonder how porcupines procreate? Where you can best see the northern lights? How many fireflies it takes to equal the light of a 40-watt bulb? The answers — and much, much more — are in The Wild Woods Guide, a fascinating, indispensable guide to America’s Great North Woods.

The Wild Woods Guide is the perfect introduction and companioin to one of the world’s largest and most beautiful forest regions. Filled with helpful and often little-known information about the plants, animals, rock, and other natural phenomena encountered in the swathe of forest that stretches from Minnesota to Maine, this guidebook is almost as fun and interesting as actually going out into the woods yourself.

Whether you’re an occasional hiker or a seasoned woodsperson, this entertaining collection of facts and lore will prove as useful to pack as it is wonderful to read.

Veteran birders, canoeists and campers, Doug Bennet and Tim Tiner are the authors of the bestselling guidebooks to Ontario’s wilderness, Up North and Up North Again. They are members of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists and live in Toronto with their families.

The Wild Woods Guide: From Minnesota t Maine, the Nature and Lore of the Great North Woods, was first published by HarperResource, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, in 2003.

436 pages with b&w illustrations by Marta Lynne Scythes, $21.95 U.S.; $33.95 Cdn. ISBN 0-06-093601-0

For more information, contact:
Authors: Tim Tiner or Doug Bennet
Publisher: HarperCollins, www.harpercollins.com

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