Chickadees marking territory

It’s not quite mating season yet, but even in mid-winter the birds are getting ready… listen for chickadees whistling their high, clear songs — often rendered as “fee-bee” or “fee-bee-ee”. They are establishing their territorial dominance within the winter flock.

2 thoughts on “Chickadees marking territory

  1. Isobel Bissonnette

    Our book is nearly as well worn as yours(first two) .Glad to see a new one.They are not easy to find on the “west coast”of Ont..It is a family reference “Have you checked the GUIDE”? good luck with the new one

  2. Dear Isobel, thanks for your comment … we hear many like yours. There used to be a bookstore in Grand Bend on the “west coast” of Ontario called Saga Bound that sold our books, but alas the store is no more. As a frequent visitor to the Bend, I miss it. The Pinery Provincial Park visitor centre also used to sell our books.

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