Fan Mail: Reading it out loud at the dinner table

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Up North, we are publishing some of the fan mail we received over the years. Thank you, dear readers.

Dear Tim,

Thanks so much for the copies of “Up North”! The staff are madly reading away – sometimes out loud at the dinner table.


Peter Q
Ancient Forest Exploration & Research
Powassan, Ontario

Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for your great book!
I don’t know if David told you that I worked as a biologist for many years -I also wrote a nature column for a small newspaper and conducted nature tours with school groups.
Your book is wonderful, it makes for great bedside reading.

I grew up in Richmond Hill and worked out of the Maple MNR office. As a kid I wandered over farmer’s fields and waded into ponds and streams looking for wildlife. I can’t believe how much habitat has been lost in my lifetime. The places where I saw European hares and Saw-whet owls are now massive subdivisions. (I would like to write a book on that sometime!) You have inspired me to no end, well done! (Doug too!)
Beth G


Wonderful book!!!! I don’t know what Beth wrote in her email, but I just wanted to put in my two cents… Continued success with your writing,
David F

Good Morning,
I am a huge fan of Tim Tiner and Doug Bennet and have been using Up North and Up North Again for reference and leisure reading. We also look forward to Tim’s article in every issue of Cottage Life.

Will Tim and/or Doug be publishing another book to add to their Up North series?
Thank you,
Christine G

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