Nature by the 401

I know it’s not exactly up north, but a recent drive by Pearson Airport on the 401 reminded me again of nature’s resilience. In addition to the red-tailed hawk posed majestically on the airport sign (the hawks are common along highway corridors), I was surprised to see a couple of white-tailed deer grazing on a field not far from the end of a runway, by the Dixie exit. Jets, tractor-trailers, cars, deer and hawks… nature is everywhere.


One thought on “Nature by the 401

  1. I recently came upon a stunning fox in the west end of Toronto…only the second time in 13 years. It was at about 8am one morning and I stopped my car about 10 feet away from her (or him) and we had a moment; a connection where we looked into each others eyes. At least for me it was a connection. That 5 seconds gave me a perma-smile for the rest of the day. Thank-you nature, for letting us be part of the experience.

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