Up North release

Press Release

Up North… a cottage-country classic

How many fire-flies does it take to equal a 60-watt bulb?

How long does it take a beaver to cut down a 5” thick tree?

What do the different loon calls mean?

How much water is in a cloud the size of a two-storey house?

How did the building of the Toronto subway affect the deer population in Algonquin Provincial Park?

How was Napoleon responsible for changing the landscape of Ontario forever?

Next time you go up north, get to know more about the wilderness around you. Read Up North: A Guide to Ontario’s Wilderness from Blackflies to the Northern Lights to impress your friends with your boundless knowledge of animal mating practices and eating habits, constellation names and folklore, fish and bird identification, insect tivia and much more.

Seasoned journalists, avid campers and former Wolf Cubs, Doug Bennet and Tim Tiner tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Ontario’s great outdoors, covering over 150 topics from bears, beavers and bullfrogs to worms, water lilies and weather patterns.

Each entry includes a full list of vital and amusing facts, myths and legends, fascinating statistics, and a detailed illustration for easy identification in the wild.

Up North is a must-have for cottagers, campers, nature lovers, trivia buffs and anyone who has ever wondered how porcupines copulate without injury.

Up North was first published in 1993, reaching No. 3 on The Toronto Star’s non-fiction bestseller list. Now in its 6th printing with more than 45,000 copies sold, Up North has become a cottage classic, spawning two sequel volumes, Up North Again, containing more from Ontario’s wilderness areas, and The Wild Woods Guide, an all-American version for the Great North Woods from Minnesota to Maine.

For more information, contact:
Authors: Tim Tiner or Doug Bennet
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart, www.mcclelland.com


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