Up North Again release

Press Release

Reader demand prompts Up North Again, a follow-up to Up North with all-new content

In this engaging and informative follow-up to their bestselling Up North, Doug Bennet and Tim Tiner return to Ontario’s wilderness to answer countless more questions, including:

What has whip-poor-will family planning got to do with the cycles of the moon?

Why are they called the “dog days” of summer?

What animal survives Ontario’s winters by turning its blood into antifreeze?

What plant can give itself a sex change?

How did the internal combustion engine change the nests of chipping sparrows?

Up North Again explores a host of new topics — from wood frogs to wintergreen, pike to pussy willow, and beetles to the Big Bang — with the authors’ patented mix of detailed natural histories, native and classical lore, vital and amusing facts, and beautifully rendered illustrations.

A new feature in this volume is a nature almanac, containing month-by-month hints on what to look for throughout the year outdoors. Also new are comprehensive checklists, prepared by the Federation of Ontario Naturalists (Ontario Nature), to note your sightings of birds, mammals, and reptiles and amphibians.

With Up North and Up North Again, every cottager, camper, nature lover and trivia buff can own the most engrossing and encyclopaedic guide available to all that Ontario’s great outdoors has to offer.

Up North Again was first published in 1997 by McClelland & Stewart and remains available for sale at bookstores across Ontario. ISBN 0-7710-1115-6.

For more information, contact:
Authors: Tim Tiner or Doug Bennet
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart, www.mcclelland.com


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