Nature Blog

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Follow the rhythms of nature through the seasons in Ontario and the North Woods with our new Nature Blog on From fish spawning season to the moose rut, from the Perseid meteor shower to lunar eclipses, you can stay close to nature by following the blog.

Plus, you can contribute! Use the comments function to report your latest nature sightings or musings. Ask questions, and we’ll do our best to answer. Join the conversation.

You can follow the Nature Blog several ways. Click on any of the Nature Blog posts listed on the sidebar to the right… our most recent post is at the top. Blog posts are also organized by category, so if you’re only interested in birds (though there’s so much more to nature!), you can click on the Birds link under Categories on the left sidebar, to read all the blog posts about birds.

We’ll also use the blog to update readers on any of our appearances or news about our books.

Enjoy the great outdoors!


Illustrations © by Marta Lynne Scythes


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